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Get Glazd!

Get renters insurance in seconds. 

Glazd partners with communities to provide proof of insurance in one seamless process! We will notify your property manager when you sign up with us! 

Renters Insurance

Customize your renters insurance policy in seconds. If we have partnered with your community, we will save you a step and send proof of coverage to your landlord, so you can focus on something more interesting than insurance. 

Affordable Renters Insurance

Donut sleep on renters insurance. It’s as affordable as a box of donuts and offers you incredible coverage for you and your personal belongings!

Renters insurance has surprising benefits & coverage and is universally one of the most affordable policies an individual can get. 

Renters insurance made easy

We are here to simplify the archaic process that renters have to go through to purchase insurance and provide proof to their landlords.  

Does your landlord require renters insurance?

It’s typical that your landlord require you to purchase and provide proof of insurance before moving into your new apartment. Let Glazd handle this for you by signing up with us!