Renters Insurance In Seconds

Explore the types of coverage Glazd offers to protect you and your stuff. 

Need to upload your proof of Insurance?

Easily send in your proof of insurance. Our team will verify your insurance policy and ensure compliance with your property manager and make sure you have coverage during your lease to protect you from unexpected claims

Why Glazd?

Automatic Compliance

When you buy a policy at one of our partnered buildings you’re automatically compliant with your lease requirement and we send your policy to your property manager.

Preferred Rates

By partnering with your property management company and their communities, we are able to extend you discounted insurance products to alleviate some of the move-in financial burden.

Enhanced Coverage

Power up your insurance coverage when you choose Glazd. Most carriers hide water damage or other exclusions in their policies. We offer robust insurance for you and your stuff and make sure we help you look for coverage when you have a loss.

What's Covered?


Liability coverage pays for property damage and/or injuries to another person caused by an accident in which you’re at fault. This covers legal costs and payouts for which the insured party would be found liable.

Personal Property

Provides coverage for personal property owned or used by an insured while the property is anywhere in the world. This covers things like your computer, furniture, and electronics from theft or other perils covered on your policy.

Additional Living Expenses

If your rental unit becomes uninhabitable or unlivable due to an Insured Peril, we will cover additional living expenses incurred until your unit is returned to its livable condition. This coverage includes expenses such as hotel and meals.

Guest Medical

Covers injuries to others that occur on the insured’s premises or result from the insured’s activities, whether the insured is liable or not. Medical expenses means reasonable charges for medical, surgical, ambulance, and more.

Optional Enhancements

Pet Damage

This coverage provides coverage for any damage your pet may cause to the landlord’s property. For example, Teddy gets a little antsy and decides to chew the corner of a wall. This coverage will pay for such damage.

Water Back up

Provides coverage for damage to your property caused by a clogged sewer line, failed sump pump and backed up drains. It also covers mold damage to your home caused by water or sewer backup.

Bed Bug & Remediation

Gross? Yes. Covered? Yes. When added to your Glazd renters insurance policy, we will pay the reasonable cost incurred for bed bug remediation and infestation elimination.

Renters Insurance

Customize your renters insurance policy in seconds. If we have partnered with your community, we will save you a step and send proof of coverage to your landlord, so you can focus on something more interesting than insurance. 

Does your landlord require renters insurance?

It’s typical that your landlord require you to purchase and provide proof of insurance before moving into your new apartment. Let Glazd handle this for you by signing up with us!