Renters Insurance Compliance & Tracking

Never miss another cancelled insurance policy or uninsured tenant. 

Streamline your compliance

Say goodbye to paperwork and manual processes.

Unified Data

Seamlessly sync your property and tenant data with our integrated platform.

Hands-off Communication

Residents receive direct correspondence from Glazd support. The only company that manages compliance end-to-end. 

Resident Experience

Offer a best-in-class experience to your residents through our innovative policy purchase or policy upload process.

Offload insurance requirements and workload to our staff at No Cost to you!

Learn how one of our partners went from a $100,000 Claim to 100% Compliance

No more cancelled policies or staff overhead.

Active in 49 states

Glazd provides renters insurance compliance-as-a-service that packages the necessary requirements, tracking, implementation, onboarding, and oversight components to ensure that your requirements are met without adding extra work to you and your onsite teams. 

Launch without the work

You and your team have plenty to manage, renters insurance tracking shouldn’t fall onto your plate. Glazd’s turnkey solution allows you start requiring renters without additional work. 

Actual Renters Insurance for your Residents

Liability and waiver programs fall short, leaving your residents confused and holding a bill for their damaged personal property. Glazd prioritizes renters insurance across your portfolio, ensuring your residents have liability coverage + personal property, additional living expense, and guest medical expense coverages!

Enabled tracking

30% of policies have a lapse in coverage during the lease. Glazd tracks and monitors all policies whether purchased from us our uploaded from an alternative insurance provider. 

Why Glazd?

Drive Immediate Value

Reduce your exposure and increase value by offering a modern renters insurance solution at your properties – At No Cost!

Instantly Unlock the Power of Insurance Compliance

Easily implement a renters insurance program at all of your properties. We empower you and your team to confidently track your portfolio’s coverage with little administration.