Glazd Announces Integration with Rent Manager

Glazd, the platform that enables property managers to ensure their portfolio is 100% compliant for renters insurance coverage, has announced it has integrated with property management software provider Rent Manager.

Rent Manager is a unique and powerful property management software that combines all the features managers need to run their business into a single integrated solution. They are one of the only platforms that have built out an easy to access app marketplace for managers to customize their business and operations.

The Integration with Rent Manager allows onsite teams to utilize Glazd in a more streamlined fashion and eliminate the time-consuming challenges associated with renters insurance management.

Property management teams regularly dedicate hundreds of hours toward policy management, claims, cancellations, move-in requirements, and renters insurance questions. The integration with Rent Manager will automate this process entirely. No more lapsed coverage, cancelled policies, or uninsured tenant caused damage.

Most insurance companies and compliance providers exclude water damage and water backup, or only allow residents to purchase a liability policy.

With Glazd, residents have access to one of the best renters insurance policies in the industry, protecting them and their stuff at move-in.


To get started with Glazd:

  1. Log into your Rent Manager account
  2. Go to the admin tab and select Available Integrations on the right hand side of your dashboard.
  3. Search for Glazd
  4. Select Glazd and enter your company’s details to enable the integration.