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Glazd manages all policies whether you purchase from us or from someone else. If you’re required to purchase a policy as part of your lease, and you have a policy from someone else,  send us your proof of insurance or your declaration page so that we can continue to manage your status for the property you’re living at/moving to. 

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Steps for providing proof if you don't get insured with Glazd.

As a benefit to you and the leasing agent, Glazd provides renters insurance compliance. When signing up for a policy, add Glazd as interested party at address PO Box 620523, Middleton, WI 53562 and add our email: proof@glazd.com if that’s an option with your carrier.

Send your proof of insurance or your “declaration” page to proof@glazd.com. Or request that your insurance agent send us this. 

After sending us your proof of insurance, we update your account and an email is sent to your leasing agent/property manager alerting them that you are in compliance.